Meet The Team

SUG has the experience needed to effectively serve its retail specialty insurance professionals.

Lee Workum
SUG Owner
(513) 351-6400 ext.101

Shannon Dean
Underwriter Manager
AEGIS Security- Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia
Markel Specialty- Indiana, Kentucky
RLI- All States
Vacant Express- Illinois, Indiana, West Virgina

(513) 351-6400 ext.105

Alex Patterson
AEGIS Security- Illinois, Ohio
American Modern- Illinois, Indiana
Markel Specialty- Illinois, Ohio

(513) 351-6400 ext.112

Karen Bleh
Senior Underwriter 
American Modern- Ohio, Kentucky
Vacant Express- Ohio, Kentucky

(513) 351-6400 ext.108

Cindy Cosway
Account Service Representative & Underwriting Assistant
Customer Service & Quoting
Customer Retail Agent
Online Access Support
Underwriting Support

(513) 351-6400 ext.103

Josh Slocomb
Sales Representative
Agency Reviews & Visits
Loyalty Card

(513) 351-6400 ext.104

Miranda Czarneki
(513) 351-6400 ext.109