American Modern Dwelling Fire Insurance

Product Offering

American Modern offers very comprehensive DP-3, DP-1, and Commercial Form ISO policies. The Commercial Form ISO product is intended for schedules of 10 or more habitational properties. They also offer a number of unique additional coverages, such as Full Repair Cost, Builder’s Risk Renovation, Residence Burglary and Water Damage. Online rating, application upload and online policy access is available.

Key Points

  • Replacement cost
    – Available 80 years or newer (Vacant, Tenant & Seasonal Occupancy)
    – Value up to $500k tenant occupied or up to $1 Million (Seasonal or Vacant)
    ** Limits vary by state


  • ACV Market Value
    – Value $300k (Owner, Tenant, and Seasonal Occupancy) or $1 Million (Vacant Occupancy)
    **Limits vary by state


  • Vacant Under Renovation


  • Full Repair Endorsement


  • Fuses OK (No Knob & Tube)


  • No Age Limit



Available In- OH, IL, IN, KY

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